The Humble Beginnings…

„eine Frau ist eine besondere Schaffung, die mit eigener Kräftigkeit hat, wie ein schönes Parfum.“ -H. Izell


This blog was originally created in 2009 as a blog for poems and stories. When Hershee Izell was in highschool, it was her dream to have her own site where she can publish her works; it was named „Papers and Ink.“ The site had no followers yet that time and no stats at all but she was happy to sign up for a free blog.

As she entered the cosmetic industry through online contests in 2011, Hershee Izell (Izell Lee as her entry name) was given a very nice opportunity to be an official blogger of different Korean Cosmetics and local ones; She wrote detailed product reviews, tutorials and beauty tips that she found effective for her. Through that, she was able to help a lot of women on how to take care of their skin and how to choose the right products for them. The name of this blog was changed to „Izell Lee House of Beauty.“

When 2014 has come, she found herself facing different challenges in life and as a part of her daily personal wellness techniques, she shared insights and stories which she encountered and the solutions to overcome those. It was just like an ordinary diary but at the back of her mind, she knew somehow it will be able to inspire her dear readers– After all, this is blog is meant to be read today and in future. It was named „Ladies‘ Things and Talk“ since it covered different topics mostly for women which are also shared in other blogging platforms such as Clozette, She Said Beauty and Beauty Babe.

The struggle continued to 2015 and so she can not just sit there feeling depressed. She had an urge to take her work and that is to inspire people and make difference in their lives and in the world. During this time she have learned to discover her real passion for fragrances, which was long been sleeping back in college days, using natural materials such as flowers and food extracts but due to limited resources, Hershee can only make home made perfumes for personal consumption. The good thing is, Hershee and her sister Honey have a good friend with whom they buy their favorite authentic lotions and fragrances back in 2010 and so she had an idea to start selling his products. It was quite challenging for her because she got no job that time and they live far from the city and she always asks herself, „How can I transport those items to my client and how will they get to know about my stuff?“ Until a former classmate heard that she sells her favorite fragrance and so Hershee sent her order. That was the very first transaction she had made in fragrance selling. Few months after, She was able to find a reputable job according to her beloved profession as a radiographer and there she found new friends who trusted her and the items that she sell. It started with one order and it grew. Then the rest is history in the online market place.

2016 is a new year and is also a new venture to her as a novice entrepreneur. This is the time Hershee really took a leap of fate by starting to create her very own signature perfume Cherish by Hershee Izell, as a tribute to their mom (whom she misses so much), from a trusted manufacturer in Europe after a long search of company who can make her dream of having her own brand possible. This blog is now officially registered in Department of Trade and Industry as a business here in Philippines with name „Ladies Things by Hershee Izell.

Honesty is the pillar and foundation of this site. We guarantee that what we share with people are only from our hearts filled with love.