Cherish Artisanal Eau de Parfum Official Online Launching

I feel so grateful today for being able to make something that I always wanted to share with you, something that is crafted with love and creativity. I thank God for helping me all throughout its process and those people who trusted and supported me since the very beginning of my ventures until now.

Let me introduce the first perfume in Hershee Izell Fragrance Line… Cherish.


What drove me to launch my own perfume line? When I was younger, I always dream of something valuable to create where my name is on it and has a personal touch; something that people will choose not because it is part of the daily necessities but because it is special and they want to keep it and proudly share with those they love as well.

I chose the Bordeaux bottle with a rose cap to represent love and sweet memories with our loved ones. The scent is warm and fruity with a round base of vanilla and mango combined with the cheerful notes of tangerine and softness of iris, like an innocent lady; cashmere wood and ambergris also give it a rich, sensual and timeless elegance.

cherish campaign

Cherish artisanal eau de parfum is a dedication perfume that one can give to his / her special someone as it allows one to express subtle feelings of love and pure intention of staying together.

Actual Selling Price: Php 3995

Actual Volume: 50 mL

Origin: Made in Germany

What makes it so special? It is hand-made by the European perfume artists and is finely-formulated with high-grade perfume oils through the process of modern and traditional perfumery, making it really long-lasting even just with one spray.

And as reviewed by Ms. Sofia Yi Shang of Fragrantica (a worldwide perfume database) this is what she has to say:

I’ve been wearing your perfume on and off for the past two weeks, it’s quite lovely. I can smell fresh, sweet and fruity opening, which is vibrant and not overwhelmingly sugary. The perfume matures well, somewhat I get this vanilla ice cream soaked ice cream cone smell mingled with a woody creaminess. All of sudden, it revels its grown-up side. Somehow I can see why this is a perfume you dedicate to your mother. I can smell the delicate gentleness, as well as the more mature, but not old, aspects from the ingredients you choose. To me, it’s a modern, versatile and relatively easy-to-wear daily scent.“  

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