Pancit Canton Stir Fried Noodles: Simple Version Yet So Delicious

Trying different cooking styles is something I love to do. I like inventing new recipes and ways on how to savor up a common dish, sometimes by adding a new ingredient and sometimes by replacing or removing particular content in it to make it my own version and this dish is not an exemption. By putting only few things, I want to make sure that it will still be tasty and this is how I make it.


200 g Hapimi Egg Noodles… In this photo it was 400 g… I just used half 🙂


⅛ kg ground pork

5 cloves garlic, minced

1 small red onion, finely chopped.

1 carrot, cut into fine julienne

1 red bellpepper, cut into strips.

20 pcs. Baguio beans, ends removed and cut slantly


2 Tbsp. The Good Life sesame oil

½ cup Datu Puti soysauce

2 Tbsp. Clara Ole Barbecue marinade


salt and pepper to taste


1. Prepare first all the ingredients that will be needed.

2. On a pre-heated pan, saute the onion until it turned slightly brown followed by the garlic using palm or vegetable oil.

2. Saute the ground pork until thoroughly cooked but not burned.

3. Saute the red bellpepper to make it more flavorful.

4. Add 3-4 cups of water on the same pan.

5. Add the egg noodles and cover it for 5 minutes or until it softens.

6. Check if the noodles is already soft (but firm). If the water is no longer enough and the noodles is still quite hard, then add some more water little by little and let it simmer for a while.

6. Add the carrots, baguio beans, soysauce, barbecue marinade and sesame oil and mix it together. let it simmer for another 3 minutes.

7. Season it with some pepper and salt to enhance the taste.

8. Be sure to stir it well but do not let it dry on the pan.


I really love noodles and I enjoy eating a lot of it. It is something I wouldn’t miss whenever we buy foods to the point that I even created noodles so I can satisfy my cravings. You can also check it on my Youtube for the actual making. I am not a chef and I am not even close to it. I just want to save these recipes for my child in the future so he will have something as a guide just in case he also want it.

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