What’s In My Baby’s Pouch?

It’s almost 11 months since my little one was born and yes we also do go out by this time either during some celebrations or just a regular family bonding (we actually started going out when he was 3-4 months). Aside from the feeding bottles, milk and other stuff, I also bring these important baby items wherever I go.

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1. Diapers– Of course we can never really tell when he would poop so best is to bring 2-3 pieces of disposable diaper so it is easier to change when needed.

2. Baby wipes– and yes this is a diaper partner. No further questions about that. But we can also use this to clean his face and hands when he gets messy while eating or playing.

3. Blanket– Just in case I need to lay him down for diaper changing, atleast his clothes will not be soiled or sometimes I use it as cover when I breastfeed.

4. Extra clothes– Usually I bring onesie and pyjamas or the frogleg clothes so his get up is complete when he needs to change clothes.

5. Mini towel or handkerchief– I use this when he is sweating and I spread it on his back if necessary.

6. Nail Cutter- I use the small ones so his skin won’t be cut. I could not cut his nails when he is awake so I make sure he is sleeping soundly before I do the thing.

7. Suction bulb- For annoying colds that he can’t blow off his nose this one is definitely helpful. Just make sure to clean it by washing with soap and water before and after use.

8. Citronella Oil– Diluted with s mild carrier oil, this one helps repel insects while keeping his skin soft and smooth without irritation.

9. Creations Spa Essentials Pain Relief Rub– I use this one to massage his belly or back or sometimes his legs and arms too. Made from natural and organic materials that helps soothe skin irritation, mild pain and also good for colds and sleeping trouble.

10. 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol– Just in case I couldn’t wash my hands immediately, atleast I have an alcohol to help sanitize it especially nowadays when viruses are at the highest chances of being transmitted and acquired.

11. Digital Thermometer– Just to avoid guessing all the time whenever he looks and feels unwell, I always bring this so I can check if ever he has fever.

As moms we should always be on-the-go because time is so precious and it flies so fast. As much as possible we want to spend every single minute with our family and being prepared all the time really helps in accomplishing many tasks throughout the day.