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Time flies so fast. I can still remember the time when my fiance asked when I want us to get married, to the time we filed our documents and finally up to the day of the actual ceremony. It was not so long ago and everything is still really fresh and new. Before the day of our wedding, I had a strange feeling like my tummy is rumbling and there were also times when I felt scared of the responsibilities of being a home-maker. I realized that it would not be a piece of cake because sooner in God’s gracious time, our dear baby boy will come to meet us.

The celebration of our wedding was just simple and we did the reception in the same institution where I teach German and so I got some discount on their services. The preparation never stressed either of us because the banquet team assisted us in all our needs. It was like a semi-formal type of event.

I felt so glad because our families were there to witness our exchange of vows and also some of our beloved friends. The entire celebration lasted for almost 6 hours and we took a rest at home for a while before my husband and I went out again to celebrate… yes, just the 2 of us and we watched a great movie and had a dinner.

We did not have a honeymoon celebration as he has a work to attend the following day, so we spent the next days as husband and wife like the regular days but this time much sweeter than usual.

Having a ring on my finger always reminds me that I have someone to love until the rest of my life… that someone is already a part of me, to cherish through thick and thin… through happiness and sorrow… for better or for worse.





I have to admit that there are so many things that I still need to learn and master as a wife and soon a mother. I am not so young anymore but it doesn’t mean that I already know very much, if not everything. I still try to learn my husband everday and try to grow mature with him. There are so many adjustments that we have to do to make things suitable for us, so that we may avoid having unnecessary problems. I am happy in his presence and I feel so loved everyday. I am grateful to be with this man… The search is over and it is worth more than everything.

Lots of Love,

Mrs. Hershee Izell Bianchi