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Hi Everyone!

It is so nice to be back here. Honestly I still go online pretty much but do not have enough time to write a blog. I am happy that while I am here sitting in front of my students, and while they are doing their seatwork, I am able to write things for you my dear readers! ^___^v

I currently teach German Language in different institutions here in Philippines while I wait for the right time to fly to Germany. I couldn’t go there at this moment because I have entered a new phase of my life… Being a wife and a mother. I recently got married to the man I love and who loves me so much and we are so blessed to have our baby really soon this year… A lovely Italian baby boy.

from google

from google

I was hoping for these things to come many years ago. I even cried for it because I felt frustrated meeting other people who do not reciprocate. I prayed hard for it… To meet the man who is meant for me and finally we are having our sweet and lovely family together.

It is more than just a blessing in disguise because everything came at the right time. I thought that it was something I should regret because my flight will be delayed maybe until next year, but right now while conceiving, I feel so much inlove with my baby boy and of course with my husband… I can’t wait to my little one! ❤ ❤ ❤

As this year begins, I am praying for the safe delivery of my child and hopefully we will be able to handle the „parent“ things in our life.