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One day the things you’ve been asking for will happen, and suddenly you’ll realize how much you deserve it.“ -H. Izell

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It was a few years ago when I started my ventures in career and plans for the future. I had no clear plan before on how to achieve it since I didn’t know what challenges would come along the way, but in my heart and mind I knew that I should not stop the little things that help shape my character and skills. I prepared well but unfortunately, not everyone will be successful at the first or second try. I experienced how it was to fail and how to stand again. It was not easy but one thing that made me hold on to it was the vision of a better and balance life, if I would be able to reach my goal. I am so grateful that 2 years of waiting and making effort has finally come to its destination… Passing the complete module of the German Language Exam is just the beginning of wonderful things to happen and I always pray for guidance and strength in things that I do and about to do.

me and my beloved at my relative’s home (c)

my dear and I in their home (c)

I am also grateful to meet the love of my life, my soon-to-be husband just at the right time and this is more than enough of what I asked for. He is so loving, respectful, faithful and humble. He is like a right blend of coffee that suits my taste in every season of the year… And I am proud to tell the world about him and how much love we have for each other. I know that we have to stretch our efforts and patience someday but I have this confident feeling of security in him when that moment comes. Having him is such a great blessing that I would always cherish and keep throughout the days of my life…

I can’t contain the mixed emotions in my heart… I am really glad that all these things has unfolded before my eyes and that there are so much more to look forward to, just how the next season of the year is about to start.

Very much inlove and much love,

Hershee Izell Bianchi