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The summer has come here in Philippines and you can really feel the sun in the day. I know that Boracay Beach will soon be closed for a couple of months for maintenance but there are still other beautiful islands in the country to visit where you can enjoy your vacation and there is no excuse not to take care of your skin. Too much sun exposure can lead to having burns, dryness or worse, skin cancer, in the long run.

Lately my skin asthma is attacking again due to hot temperature so I need to moisturize often and to soothe the itchiness, I use virgin coconut oil and after few minutes, I use lotion so my skin will be fully hydrated. How I love using Nivea skin care as it is mild and gives me the moisture properties that I need.


1. Nivea Oil-in-Lotion (Cherry Blossom and Cocoa Scent)– This lotion is good for normal to dry skin with pleasant scent that you will truly love, as if you had a perfume. I like how it is easily absorbed in the skin. It is lightweight, so you can use it even if the weather is a bit hot. No need to worry about the irritating sticky feeling. It is my third time to buy this and luckily I got it on sale today for only Php 85 each bottle. I prefer the cherry blossom scent because I like relaxing floral but if you want sweet and sexy vanilla fragrance then you may try the cocoa scent. They also have another variant which is Rose. I haven’t tried it yet but in the future, I hope to buy one. It doesn’t have SPF content so in the day, I normally just use it when I am at home or before bedtime. The Cherry variant contains Jojoba oil and the Cocoa variant contains Macadamia oil good for making skin soft and velvety smooth. Regular Price: Php 171

2. Nivea Sun Kids Moisturizing Sun Spray SPF 50– This is a sunblock that you can use either for swimming or not. I chose this one because it is intended for kids yet it has high SPF and that means mild formulation with longer sun protection. It is water-resistant and can protect you from UVA and UVB rays so rest assured you won’t have sunburns even if you swim or sweat as long as you put enough to cover your skin. It has a bluish-greenish color so you can easily see if you have spread it evenly but don’t apply it directly to your face. It has moisturizing properties as well so you will see your skin glowing upon application. The scent is also good, it smells like mudpack with a citrusy touch.

3. Nivea Creme- This all-in-one cream made my skin really smooth and glowing. I used to have some dry skin patches on the corners of nose and eybrow areas even if I apply moisturizer to it but when I started using this one, my face had less dryness and blemishes seldom pop up. Upon first application I thought it would make my face super oily and greasy because its consistency is as thick as hand butter but I noticed that it becomes well-absorbed making my face supple and flawless-looking. I sometimes use it too as lipbalm because it is tasteless and it hydrates my lips with natural plump effect. I also use this to hydrate my elbow and hands and sometimes it could be better than regular lotions as it contains Eucerit (Lanolin Alcohol). This content of Nivea Creme, which is derived from lanolin, helps treat my skin asthma and I am thankful that I don’t need to apply corticosteroids anymore because it subsides whenever I apply this while making it so moisturized. We know how effective lanolin is in improving skin since the ancient times. I am very much happy to have it as my skin care product. Of course I bought again another big can of it and I got the second creme for only Php 60 because it was on sale but the regular price is Php 125.

4. Nivea Body Milk Intensive Moisture Lotion– If you have severly dry skin (as in cracking flaky dry) then this one is for you. A small amount of it could moisturize and soothe a large part of the skin especially the heels, elbow and knee areas. This is the one I use together with the coconut oil, alternately with Nivea Creme, to relieve my skin asthma on legs. It is very itchy but if I hydrate it, the irritation lessens. With this lotion, you are able to save more because you don’t need to reapply again and again. Once you spread it on your skin, let it dry and it will be moisturized all through out the day as long as you don’t wash it. It is thicker and creamier than the oil-in-lotion version but not still not greasy. It also contains vitamin E, avocado oil and grapeseed oil for skin nourishment. The scent is powdery and milky but not so strong. Regular Price: Php 265

5. Nivea White and Repair Body Lotion– Among these lotions, I seldom use this it because I am not fond of whitening products but I also like its moisturizing properties and consistency. It is slightly thicker than the intensive moisture lotion but still it is quickly absorbed in the skin. I wonder how Nivea manages to have lotions with different consistency yet becomes easily absorbed. As with skin whitening, I could not give an exact result to it as I use it only as a regular lotion and not to whiten my skin. I did not see much results when I tried it. I love the mild cherry scent and the velvety softness it gave my skin. Regular Price: Php 95

6. Nivea Strawberry Lipbalm– I have already written a review about it in the previous post but I would like to include it here still. I always use this before going to sleep and I wake up in the morning with beautiful, healthy-looking, hydrated lips. It is unlike any lipbalms that leave white film on the inner part of the lips after few hours. It is slightly tinted and has sheer shimmer but is barely noticeable. It is not so waxy nor heavy so a thin application will do. I also use this if I want to achieve a natural look. Regular Price: Php 89

I hope you’ll be able to choose your favorite Nivea items with the help of short information that I wrote here. I’m sure you’ll be hooked as well with these lovely German skin care products.

Have a great day!

Hershee ❤