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Good Day Lovelies!!

I know it is still quite early today to write but I am doing this because I might forget it if I don’t. I am supposed to attend the German classes today but I’d decided not to because I have other things to do and one thing, I woke up late and not also in the mood to commute (hahaha very much queen!!!). I also decided to write this because sometimes, I feel like I need an inspiration and it makes me joyous and full of hope again. Yeah, really… sometimes I am the one who needs to read it!!! 🙂

credits to facebook

Yesterday, this thing also happened, but I was so motivated to attend the class and so I still continued dressing up and hey, I finished all my stuff in less than 30 minutes and I wasn’t late at all.

I arrived Caloocan City yesterday at 6.23 in the morning and it was not so early anymore. I was thinking that I might or might not arrive to school on time. Then I went to the ticket vending machine to load up my card and I heard the train coming while my card is still being reloaded. I thought of, „Oh I am going to be left and my card until now is not yet done reloading“ and so at the back of my mind, I had let it go and did not rant about waiting for the next train because hey I can’t stop the train if it should go!!

To my surprise, the train stayed a little bit more and I was able to ride in. I felt thankful that I got the ride actually earlier than the previous day and as the train runs, it had many problems and we had needed to wait a short time until it was okay. I already took a photo of the place because I wanted to inform my classmate that I might be late, yet the desire to come to school was really there. I wanted to go to school.

(c) LRT station

I thought of being so late that I already prepared myself for it, however, I was not late! I was really surprised and realized something as I walk outside the train station: God’s timing is the best. He is never late nor too early. I was praying that I get to school on time because I really want to interact with my classmates and practice my skills. That desire in me was present all the time. I was not sure what time I would arrive due to the things that happened, but because in my heart I trust Him, and so He made way for me.

God listens to the prayers of people with pure intention and those who trust in Him and He blesses them. As humans, we are weak, not able to tell the nearest future and might have so many errors in everyday to the point that we sometimes feel like a failure but if He is the one to make a way, that is sure to be successful. Just be patient and keep doing your best even if no one is noticing or appreciating it, even if you can’t see the results for now… Pray and do your best.

Oh… it is already past 6 in the morning and I am also done with my breakfast… Coffee and study time is next 🙂