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In the past years, I felt inspired whenever I see couples end up being together and I admire them for the hardwork they’ve made to make the relationship work. On the other hand, there are also those who choose to part ways. I feel broken when I hear such sad stories and so I realized that it is indeed a serious decision once you fall inlove with somebody.

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I am not a relationship expert, but just a simple woman who likes to share my insights about life, including this one. Oohh I hear you well, yah I am single and you might ask me where do I get the guts to speak up?


I had been into a relationship before for quite a long time ago so that’s where all the guts came from. I am going to speak here to share my realizations and maybe just maybe…. just like it must be… (Whaaattt?? I don’t understand yahhh!!)

1.  Ladies, listen. Never ever chase a man. It is easier said than done and it is more tempting to do it than usual. Nowadays, the aim of a relationship is emotional-based. People choose to be around with someone they feel good and someone that makes them happy. Gone are the days when people choose to have partner for security and survival (well, maybe there are still some cases but not as prevalent as before) and now people aspire to be with someone who can lift their feelings. I have read an article where the famous actress Maxene said that, she found the right one when she focused on herself in a way that, she paid attention to what she wanted in a relationship as she was already 28 years of age that time; she added that if she doesn’t see someone as a potential lifetime partner, then she no longer keep in touch with them. 

I believe in what she said because the more you chase the wrong guys, the longer it takes before the right man will come, so which would you rather choose? The decision is yours.

2. Avoid confrontations. In a relationship, you will really encounter problems and feelings of uneasiness, especially when you smell something fishy or no longer comfortable in a certain situation but ladies, again, listen… Confrontations merely work well but rather add fuel to a fight and somehow makes you look desperate. Don’t get me wrong, it is different from being direct and assertive. Being direct and assertive means to ask questions and say what you mean without being desperate and hopeless. After all, what you are aiming for is to find out the truth and not to have a verbal fight. You are more likely to get the answer that you are looking for if you choose to be direct and assertive instead.

3. Speak your mind. Last time I watched the film Meet Joe Black (oohh such an old film but hey Brad looked really handsome there!!) and there was a remarkable line that sinked into my mind: It is not what you say that matters, but what you don’t.

We ladies sometimes tend to be quiet even if there’s already something bothering us. But hey, I am telling you, it will build up resentments later on. If you feel something you ought to say, then say it. Express your feelings to your partner and you might just be surprised to find out that he truly appreciates you because you are being yourself. It is quite hard to change especially if you are the kind of girl who avoids fights. Well, you can avoid fighting but don’t be afraid to say what you mean. It will help you save the relationship.

4. Don’t walk on the eggshells. Oh ladies, if everything else fail, and you still choose to keep silent, well this is my best advice. Don’t walk on the eggshells. Keep yourself esteem intact and carry that confidence in you. If you feel something is not working, as how it must be, let time reveal everything. A good man cannot be stolen by any other woman. Yes, you may be seeing some other girls around him and it feels no longer comfortable and your tummy gets aching, but hold on to yourself and just see what will happen. A good man may be surrounded by hundreds of girls, but knows where his heart truly belong and will never play around. Lugen haben kurze Beine (lies don’t go far), so sit back and let it unfold before you.

Okay it is such a long post! Maybe on my next article, I will cover more topics for you ladies. Enjoy the day and always remember to cheer up!!! You are beautiful!!

„If you want to appreciate rainbow after the rain, you must also learn to love again after the pain.“

Liebe Grüße,

Hershee ❤ ❤