Shawill BB and CC Cream Review

Before this year ends, I would like to share some reviews about beauty items which I found to work well on my skin. It is true that as you get older, you tend to be minimalist— be it for fashion or skin care, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of the products you choose.

It was during the first half of the year when I started to use these and I spent almost the whole year applying it to my skin as part of my beauty regimen. Well, these lovelies are of my sister’s but I am lucky enough to use it too.


1. Shawill Silky Moisture Tender Pink Nude Makeup BB Cream- I like the quality of this BB cream as it gives my face a healthy glow, making it bright and smooth-looking. More often, I use it on its own since I am not a powder junkee, but to prep my face, I still apply a little bit of moisturizer so that it won’t sit to the corners of my nose and near the eyebrows (these are the areas where I get dry skin most of the time). 


I like how it matches my complexion, giving it a fine, natural and youthful appearance. The coverage is light to medium so if you have some dark spots, dark circles from late-night duty or pimples, it may not be able to conceal those areas so you might as well use a full-coverage concealer. The scent is just light so you don’t have to bother about it and the price is really affordable… I am not sure how much it was when I got it since they gave it on a discounted price, but I guess it was just around Php 150-199 (My sister asked me to buy it for her and I got it in Landmark Trinoma).The consistency and texture of this BB cream is creamy but not so thick and it can be easily blended using fingertips alone. If you have a fair skin, you will notice that after some time, it already looks like your own. So far, I did not have clogged pores while I use it and I would say that it is definitely worth a try!


2. Shawill Color Control Cream-  Of course this is also a product originally purchased and owned by my sister and I am super glad she let me try it. :)<3 I use it alternately with the previously-mentioned BB cream and like it, I am satisfied with its quality and effects on my skin. Though there are slight differences from the BB cream regarding texture, consistency, shade, absorption, coverage and finish.


Shawill CC cream is actually more light-weight and a little bit watery leaving a cool feeling after I spread it on my face. It also has a very light coverage so don’t expect too much if you want to hide more blemishes, but it is good enough to cover haggardness of the face if that is what you are all after for. It makes the skin velvety smooth as if you used a primer and appears less dewy as compared when you use BB cream. It doesn’t sit on the corner of my nose so there’s no need to use a moisturizer before it and it is also easily-absorbed by the skin. During warm weather, I prefer to use it as it helps me keep fresh-looking for a longer period… Maybe because it has less oil.  Just don’t put too much because it looks very light. It is packed in a hollow tube with a nozzle so the tendency of squeezing in excess is less. My sister also got it on a discounted price around Php 200-250 in Watson’s Personal Care Store…not sure about the price as she could not recall it anymore…very affordable and competitive (if you are to compare it with the more expensive Korean CC creams) and definitely worth your budget!

(c)— left: Shawill CC Cream; right: Shawill BB cream (both unblended)
(c)— left: Shawill CC Cream; right: Shawill BB Cream (both fully blended)

Actually, these products are labelled with the same shade which is Ivory White but it is tricky. Upon squeezing, the BB cream appears lighter but after blending it, the CC cream looks a little bit brighter… So better be careful when applying, just squeeze a small amount and build it up later. By the way, if you notice on the packaging, you won’t find there the note on SPF, but when I checked the ingredients list, it contains titanium dioxide… so I guess it still has a sunscreen content, though not sure what SPF it contains. 🙂

So, I hope this gives you an idea which one is better to use especially if you want to achieve a natural-looking makeup. 

Ich wünsche euch ein frohes neues Jahr!

Liebe Grüße,


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