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So, after 1 year of studying my 5th language (yes, 5th… My native tongue is Filipino combined with some Spanish, then English, then Korean and yeah… German), I suppose I have the right to write this post in order to share what I have been through while spending days being in German Mode. I am about to take the language proficiency examination B2 level on the weekend and this should be the first and last… Uuhh ja. I don’t have a back-up plan after taking this because I intend to pass it with one take. I had been in the school for 4 months and the rest, I did my learning at home… I had my previous notes and read additional information so that I can atleast form a decent and grammatically correct sentence also I tried to increase my vocabularies but I believe it must be in a creative and fun way. I remember back in 2002 when I studied English alone at home, with the aid of a concise dictionary, one English workbook and a verbwheel which I received from school. I finished the elementary level back then without being fluent in English and the only way I understood it was when I had my self-studying session.

Karlsruhe- from google

So what’s the point? Well, I had applied these techniques too when I learned German and so far, it has made me better. I tried to practice my hearing and reading (well, more on reading) and so far, the words that were unfamiliar to me before were added to my vocabulary. Learning a language doesn’t have to be stressful but knowing that you will have an examination, sometimes it is quite stressful. The fact that you will be graded, brings more nervousness than not knowing much vocabs!!!

Hmmm… I only have few days before the exam and I am trying to relax myself so that the things I have studied will not get clogged during the exam but I still try to make some reviews like watching German movies without subbies… I prefer wholesome lovestories because the way people communicate there are advanced.. I mean, they speak as it is, rather than kiddie shows but yeah, I also read German Kiddie Books. I don’t watch movies with too much complicated stories because I want to focus on the conversation… The story is just a second thing that I appreciate. Also, having friends who are able to speak the same language is really helpful but I don’t think dating is necessary to be part of it. Lucky if you have found a sincere, loving and honest Teutonic who can wait patiently for the day to meet you and still keep in touch while you are thousand miles apart but if you are really not ready or he is not ready, then don’t push it just because you want to learn a language… Love has its own language and let it speak for itself.

Hmmm whay more should I include… Aha, ofcourse pray and be attentive to what your Gesprächpartner/in is saying when you practice the Mündliche so that both of you could have a good conversation and for the writing part, trust your instinct and organize your thoughts before you put it into words.

Well, these are just some tips from someone who did a home-studying… I am ready to take and pass the exam, so should you!!

Wir schaffen das!!

Toi Toi Toi!!! 🙂