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Hallo Leute! I am glad to be back here again blogging and sharing lovely beauty tips especially this dry season (Hey we are here in Philippines and we only have wet and dry so I don’t mention ’summer‘). For the past few days, from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, it really feels hot and it makes me sweat that much. I love it because it aids in burning fatsies but it can somehow make my skin feel sticky and somehow causes it to have prickly heat (bungang-araw). Well, as the temperature rises, I also don’t forget the skin care essentials for this season. Actually, I have here the empties of which I have used regularly the past months:



1. Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head-to-toe Cream and Nourishing Olive Face Cream
Net Wt: 50 g each container
Availability: In Zenutrients Kiosks in Malls (but I got mine from Sampleroom)

I got these last year as sample items to review. I got interested because I have already tried some of Zenutrients products wayback 2014 when I began to love organic products and was able to induldge in their lotion, lipbalm, and the body oil. I was satisfied because of its mild yet effective formulation so when I saw the face creams in sampleroom, I did not hesitate to try it.

For the Nourishing Olive Face Cream, I can say that it is very much similar to their moisturizing body lotion. It’s just that it has enough moisturizers for the face’s skin so it won’t be oily… but the texture and grapefruit scent is really much the same. I love how it makes my face soft everytime i apply it and sometimes, I even use it as makeup base because it doesn’t feel sticky at all. I just wish that it has a sunscreen so I can use it alone when going out. Anyways, it doesn’t bother me because the main purpose of this product is to moisturize and it has fulfilled its promise of giving a lovely soft and plump skin; It also does not contain whitening ingredients so it won’t help reduce scars. By the way, it only has a shelf life of 1 year as it only contains the following: water, stearic acid, coconut oil, propylene glycol, isopropyl palmitate, cethyl alcohol, triethanolamine, grapefruit essential oil, phenoxyethanol, pineapple essential oil, strawberry essential oil. As you can see there are only few so expect that preservatives present are very minimal and won’t last that long and you have to consume it within the shelf life. I would gladly recommend it if you are having sensitive skin that need further moisturizing.
For the Aloe and Calendula Head-to-Toe Cream, I am surprised when I got to use this one as it is my first time to try a head-to-toe cream. I used to apply it on my face, arms, elbow, hands and heel and with its mild formulation, I did not expect it to give a very nice result for my skin. Before, my heels somehow feel rough and cracky but after couple of usage, the roughness was lessened and to the other parts of my skin (such as face and arms), it feels velvety and smooth. For me, this one has lighter moisturizers than that of the Olive face cream but it works well too. It does not have whitening ingredients and sunscreen so you have to use a separate item for that.  Also it contains the following: water, stearic acid, propylene glycol, calendula extract, coconut oil, isopropyl palmitate, cethyl alohol, triethanolamine, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, phenoxyethanol, herbal essence, bergamot oil. If you want to try a hypoallergenic product, I would definitely recommend this as it contains extracts that can soothe skin and hydrate it well at the same time.

2. Cathy Doll Aura Whitening Serum + Foam Cleanser and Speed White CC Cream

I have heard about Cathy Doll many times and since it is a Korean product, I trust that it is of best quality. I am really satisfied with these items all-in-all and one thing, it is really affordable so I there’s no reason not to try it, right?

For the Speed White CC Cream, well, this is the very first CC cream that I have tried and used for 1 month. When CC creams began to be out in the market, I got curious about it but never tried because I already have BB cream which I believe is better in coverage and also I do not need a skin corrector since a good foundation can solve it all. The reason I tried it is because I want to save my liquid foundation and use a light product that can give light coverage and sun protection too (Oh it has SPF 50 so you can stay protected from sunrays longer). I am very much amazed by this product because it is just very affordable, only Php 39 for 6ml sachet. The coverage is light to medium so if you have big and red blemishes, it will just be lessened in appearance but not totally cover it as a foundation can do. It also helps brighten my face (take note: it has a very light shade so be sure to apply just a little and blend it well ) and give it a dewy and fresh look. For me, it is similar to one of Shawill’s Silky Moisture BB cream when it comes to shade but has a watery consistency that later gives softer and smoother texture. It also helps control oil so you don’t need to retouch in the mid of the day. For best results, I use this before I apply liquid foundation und ja, instantly my skin is flawless! This item is available in Watson’s Personal Care stores and in its full size.
For the Aura Whitening Serum + Foam Cleanser, the sales lady told me that if I use it, I won’t need to put moisturizer since it has serum already. Well, I can say that somehow it is true because after washing my face with this cleanser, it did not feel dry like soaps and other facial cleanser made me feel, but I still use moisturizer since it is essential for skin care. I remember Luview Lemon Bubble Cleansing Foam with this- it thoroughly cleanses and helps remove makeup as well and I love the creamy foamy lather that it has while letting you enjoy the fresh and crisp scent. I love how it brighten my face and helped to minimize pimple marks. It is also available in full size for only Php 200 in Watson’s Personal Care Store.

3. Nivea Fruity Shine Lipbalm– I chose the Cherry flavor so that it would give my lips a naturally-pinkish pigment. I remember the first time I used it was in highschool when I borrowed from my bestfriend. She got one in strawberry flavor and I love how it made my lips plump and healthy-looking so when I saw it in the store, I’ve decided to have my own. I use it everytime I feel like my lips need some nourishment and care during cooler temperatures such as in an air-conditioned room. One thing I liked about it is, it does not form whitish film on the lips inner part couple of hours after application as some lipbalms develop and it is not too waxy. It has sheer glitters so it adds glow that is lips perfect for a no-makeup look. Sometimes, if my lipstick is too matte, I dab a little of it to prevent chappy and cracking appearance. I also use it overnight so that when I wake up, my lips look fresh. So far, this is one of the best lipbalms I have tried and yes, I will definitely buy again next time.

4. Dove Powder Soft Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant– After years of using a potash-alum (tawas) powder, I finally decided to use a good roll-on as it gives longer protection from body odor and too much sweat in the armpit. Some time ago, I already tried roll-on deo of different brand where it also provided the same protection but somehow irritated my skin– it became itchy, reddish and painful so I stopped it and returned to using tawas. But tawas can only prevent odor and does not really reduce sweating and sometimes, it is messy so I searched in the store carefully which is right for me and I was not wrong to choose Dove Powder Soft Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant. It is very mild to my skin and does not cause itchy feeling even a day after shaving, so I knew then that this is the best choice for me. I love the fresh powder scent that lasts throughout the day after doing many activities. It is also not sticky but it needs thorough washing with soap and water to be totally removed from the armpit. It also does not stain the skin nor the clothes so I am confident that I will always feel clean and smelling fresh no matter how active I am with daily activities. You can purchase it in any groceries and beauty stores nationwide for only Php 99 and sometimes in combination with freebies.


So, this is kinda long post and I am glad that you are here now at the end of this review. Vielen Dank!

Bis Bald!

Izell ❤ ❤