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As this year is almost about to end, it is also a great opportunity for me to look back on the things that I had and lost. I admit, there are times that I can feel that I’m not good enough and that I am a failure to myself. But at this moment, I want to change the way I look at it… like I want to take a breath and relax while enjoying the vision of the past year.

So far, weighing the ratio of positives and negatives, I can say that the positives have a greater weight in my life- meaning, I must be really thankful that even though life is not easy, I am still blessed. Starting with the first up to the last month of 2014, it was really quite challenging that it sometimes makes me think to give up and that I can’t carry on but through prayers, I am able to stand still.

For this year, the most challenging one is when I almost wanted to give up on love. It seemed that it was a never ending story of sadness, fear and jealousy and I even told myself that if ever it doesn’t get better before the year ends then it might be a big red flag for me, for us.

But God is really good. He did not allow me to do my crazy thoughts of leaving, instead He made way for us to ever nurture our love and faith to one another and maybe just maybe that’s how it is truly meant and I am really happy because I can appreciate the person He gave me, even better now.

Also I am thankful to God for healing my physical illnesses, for making my body adaptive to the environment and for protecting me from contracting sickness.

I am also thankful for all the opportunities I have in my career even if at times, it means alot of patience and hardwork. Because in the process of doing my work, I am also able to learn and cope with changes while saving bucks.

I am also thankful for being safe whenever I travel and when going home.

These are just some of the things I am truly grateful for and I want to share it with many people so that they would be able to look and count on their own blessings especially when going thru their own trials.