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While time is getting faster and shorter and the boards is about to happen I feel like things are becoming more interesting to me. As of now, I can say that I love organic products and anything that is made of veggies, fruits and plants much more than before.

It’s also helpful to me especially when I’m studying. It makes me feel stronger and healthier. I’m pushing myself to the limit so that I can finish reading and summarizing the whole book of physics before I proceed to the other one. Because of that, I got a big interest to learn gardening. By the way, I’m now using organic products and the results were awesome. I’ll blog about it soon. Also, I have tried to make a homemade hair smoothener using organic materials and I’ll share it with you in my upcoming post. There’s also a local store that caught my attention in so many ways. I truly love their products and there’s nothing I can compare to it.

By the way, I’m studying yoga techniques and positions for a healthy mind and body and next week I will start to attend the free zumba lessons to burn those lumba. I just can’t wait to start and it makes me feel more excited.

For now, this is just a simple „teaser“ of the posts that I will have here and I hope you’ll be happily reading it and visit my page more often.

Lots of Love,