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olay natural white foaming cleanser (3)

Net Wt: 7.5 g

Price: Php 8 per sachet. Php 105 per full size of 50 g

Availability: Watson’s Personal Care Stores and leading groceries

olay natural white foaming cleanser (2)

I got to try this again few months ago after it is available in sachets. The first time I tried this was way back 2010 but that time, they only had the one in tube so I did not buy again because I was saving some bucks ^_^ So much for that!! Let’s review the totality of the product.

olay natural white foaming cleanser (4)

The texture and consistency is like a clear gel that becomes lathery once it is rubbed on wet hands. It’s not that foamy but able to clear up the eyeliner and makeup without the messy appearance on the skin, without the help of makeup remover. Actually, there are still some traces of dirt left but only minimal.

olay natural white foaming cleanser (5)

After massaging my face with its foam, I rinse it with tap water and notice that it’s like a moisturizing soap that I used to have. The skin remains silky and smooth and brighter. Well for all cases, I can say that my face becomes brighter every after I wash it, regardless of what brand I used. It also makes my skin feel a little bit tighter after I pat dry my face and doesn’t become oily easily and truly refreshed.

olay natural white foaming cleanser (1)

the dirt left after i used olay natural white foaming cleanser and eskinol toner

olay natural white foaming cleanser (6)

The scent is very pleasant and so far,  it is one of my favorites, though you need an ample amount if you really want to enjoy your face washing time^_^ After using Olay Natural White foaming cleanser, I noticed no allergic reactions nor irritations caused by the product but then, it does not remove pimple marks nor blemishes at the same time. It is just meant for facial cleaning and brightening.

Rating: 4.6/5 I just wish it can also help in healing the pimples because it is one of my skin concerns.