Belo Essentials Moisture Rich Toner Review

belo essentials moisture rich toner- izell lee (1)

Price: Php 49
Net Wt: 100 ml
Availability: At any Watson’s Personal Care Stores,
leading groceries and supermarkets

belo essentials moisture rich toner- izell lee (3)

From the first time I used it way back 2010, I noticed
that it is milder compare to other toners that I tried
before. It felt like I was using a cotton pad moist
with water. It helped lighten the pimple marks that I
had and it was also great for making my skin retain
its natural moisture even after I tone.For all the
time that I used it, I wasn’t able to experience
tingling sensation even on the pimples so that’s why I
loved it. I had bought the same product many times
because I found it effective for a mild skin care
regimen. The only thing I did not like about it was
its inability to remove makeup easily so I needed to
use more and more, unlike with the eskinol toners, the
makeup is instantly removed and no traces of dirt is
left after using it.

For me, this one is great if you want to lighten your
skin but it doesn’t prevent the pimples from popping
nor it would remove the makeup.

belo essentials moisture rich toner- izell lee (2)

I like the ingredients, they are mostly good for
brightening and making the skin radiant~ mostly they
are plant extracts, vitamins and the main ingredient,
as you can read on the label, is water. Also, it has
less alcohol content so it won’t dry the skin.

belo essentials moisture rich toner- izell lee

It also has a scent that is truly enticing though I am
not so sure if it can also be loved by those with
sensitive skin as it contains high amount of
fragrance. Oh by the way, it doesn’t contain parabens!

Rating: 4.0/5 because I love how it brightens my
complexion even more and also my pimple marks. The
price is really affordable and can be purchased at any
stores. The only thing I wish this to improve is the
ability to remove the traces of makeup because
sometimes, the cotton appears clean already but when I
use another toner, there are still lots of it that

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