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minnie’s letter for me

Sponsored by Korea Cosmetics, I received this lovely mask last August and as usual, it never failed to wow me just like any other cosmetics that I had from them. This is a wash-off type mask that is made from sea kelp. For your information, sea kelp is a family of sea weeds.

Sea weeds, in facial clinics, is used in their masks for oil control and to tighten the pores. Aside from sea kelp, it also contains carrot extract, rice bran extract, grape fruit water, and other essential extracts that are beneficial to the skin.

suggested period of use upon opening

In local Etude House stores, this costs 478 (to estimate the price). It is in a 25 ml tube pack per 3 pieces in one box~ all in all, it is 75 ml per box!


Use this mask after washing the face. Apply it on a damp skin and massage. Leave for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

It is said that this is best use if you will place a cloth on the face after you apply it (Just like the cloth masks available in the stores) but I usually just put it on my face without the cloth on and it’s still okay.

The packaging of this product is very convenient because it is not bulky and only occupies a small space in the kit but it is not resealable so better be careful to avoid leakage. I use it three times every week and I love its totality~ The scent, the quality, and the effect.

The scent is like a real sea weed chopped into mini cubes. As you can see on the close-up photo, it is a mini cube-like gelatin that gets flattened when you massage it onto your face. The consistency of its fluid is like a serum but much oilier that it is.

As I massage my face with this mask, I felt that my skin somehow became warm but no tingling or any other unpleasant sensation. After I rinse my skin with tap water, I felt that my face became really soft and smooth. it is not like the usual wash-off type of masks that I’ve tried before. It has more moisture and is capable of making the skin dewy as if I put my serum on.

I also felt that my skin became a little bit more elastic. This mask has nothing to do with tightening of the pores and lightening the scars. Its main function is to soften and moisten the skin.

Rating: 4.6/5 I really love how it took effect on my skin. I can see that this is very helpful for making the skin young-looking.