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I was then rushing to ride the LRT when a lady gave this sample to me. She maybe working with Eskinol that’s why she was giving sample products together with the other lady. At first, I was thinking if I should use it because way back 5 years, I used a toner from eskinol too but with different label and I didn’t like it at all so I was a little bit doubtful that time. When I go home, I read the leaflet included in this sample. It says that it is superb in removing the dirt in the face which causes pimples. There you go, I tried it~ out of my curiosity and despair to have a smooth and clear skin.

traces of dirt after I wash my face

Upon using this, I had proven myself that it really removes the dirt and the traces of makeup and excess oil on my face. It also felt cool and refreshing. It also dried out my active pimple in just few days of use but there’s a tingling sensation on that part. Another thing that I notice is the drying effect not only to the pimples but also to the other areas of the skin so I really need to put moisturizer to counteract this. It is also able to peel my skin after more than a week of use. For me, that peeling is good because the dead cells are finally removed revealing a radiant skin but I need use sunblock after my moisturizer to avoid the unnecessary sunburn or reddening of the face. Rating: 3.5/5 I like it for its cleaning property but I think you should also watch out your skin because it may turn dry.