Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream no. 21

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Description By the company:

Skin Lipid which is similar to our skin and patent ingredient of Amino Acid Complex strengthen Natural Moisture Factor (NMF) and balance oil and moisture on the skin to help makeup well.

– With fine particles by micro multi rolling grinding technology and botanical ingredients of skin melting, it softly and lightly adheres to the skin, but withperfect coverage, leaving the skin  comfortable and clean for up to 12 hours.

– With organic ingredients by Ecocert, natural healing complex of skin calmingpatent ingredients and 7-free formula, it minimizes irritations.

– Containing peptide complex, gingko water and 50 kinds of botanical complex, it provides abundant moisture and nutrients to the skin to help make it healthy.

– Has SPF 25 to protect skin from UV Rays.

– Available in 50 g container (actual size)


Apply on the face after basic skin care with small amount and blend it well.

My opinion about the product:

I have here one sachet of this BB Cream and used it for 3 times already and it’s still not fully consumed. Infairness to this BB Cream, only a small amount is needed since it has a light beige shade making the skin bright. The consistency is not too thick and not too liquidy making it easy to blend. The product, when applied to face, is moist but not too oily and looks healthy and natural. It also lasts long but I’m not quite sure if it lasts for 12 hours because I usually use makeup for 6 to 8 hours and remove it immediately when I go home. It has a light to medium coverage depending on the amount of the product that you put. By the way, if you have a dry skin, it may tend to be obvious on your face since it fills-in the cracks or flaky skin. The first time I used it, my face has some dry parts and the bb cream gets there but after sometime, when I used it again, the bb cream blended well because the dry skin is gone. It does not cause irritation nor clogged pores and I can say that it’s safe for my skin. It is available in the Philippines and some other countries with Missha outlets (It costs Php 1,900 in Missha SM North EDSA Annex) and can also be purchased online.

Rating: 4/5 since it has a great quality except that when you use it on a dry skin. The coverage and shade is good and can be used for all skin types. I will recommend this one if you want a high class BB Cream but I think there are many BB Creams with great qualities in cheaper prices.

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