What my friends has to say about The Skin Shop products

Hi guys! It’s been a year already since I started blogging about different beauty and health related stuffs. You guys know me for sure as a blogger. Honest and detailed reviews are the ones I give to you so to give you more feedback about the products I’ve already reviewed, I would share with you what my friends could say about it.

Melanie Adriano, Marielle Acla, Cristina Adallom are my dear friends (back in the college years) who tried The Skin Shop Magic Science BB Cream. On the other hand, Jessica Lalaguna is also one of them and the one who tried The Skin shop Magic Bright BB Cream.

From Melanie,

„Maganda yung product smooth sya sa mukha saka pinkish (The product is good, it is smooth for the face and looks pinkish).“

Well, looks like she really enjoys sitting there huh! I missed you girl!

Anyways, another girl has something good to tell about the famous Korean BB Cream. Here’s what Marielle would say:

„Maganda yung product di sya nagko-clog sa pores. Para syang makeup base, syempre papatuyuin mo muna tapos saka ka maglagay ng powder (The product is nice, it doesn’t clog the pores. It’s like a makeup base~ You have to allow it to dry before you put on the powder).“

By the way, she was the very first of them who tried the BB Cream after I gave it and she definitely loved it.

Cristina a.k.a. Tina is the simplest lady among us. She wears makeup but not the way I and my other friends do.

while waiting for mela at walter mart
while waiting for mela at walter mart

When I gave her the BB Cream, here’s what she said, „Maganda sya, para syang makeup base pero di basta natatanggal. Nung una di ko talaga matanggal eh pero nahugasan din pagkatapos (It’s similar to a makeup base but doesn’t easily wear-off. I could not actually remove it at first but then I was able to wash it after).“

 jessica and I

Lastly, my best friend Jessica on her comment about Magic Bright BB Cream, „Maganda yung texture nya eh, pino saka smooth. Tamang tama lang yung kulay saka matipid. Talagang sinimot ko ung sachet para di sayang (The texture is fine and smooth. The shade is just fair and a little amount is all I need. I really made sure that the sachet is empty cause I don’t want to waste anything).“

So now you have the idea about The Skin Shop BB Creams and I’m sure you’ll be one of these girls who are satisfied once you try it. It’s already available in the Philippines, ladies!

By the way, I miss all of these people in the photos above… 🙂

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