Luview One Touch Brush Sun Powder (Light Beige) Review


Product Description according to the packaging:

Net Wt: 18 g

Price: US$ 24. 60 (visit Luview Official Website for more details about online buying)

How to use : At the last stage of makeup, apply thinly using the brush provided in the container. Use as often as needed.

My comment about the product:

This loose powder is something that I have been looking for quite a long time. I have loved this product since it satisfied my overall need as an Asian lady.

1. It has a fine texture that does not cake and clog on my skin.
2. With its mineral content, it is able to control oil for several hours keeping the face clean and brilliant.
3. It has a sunscreen (SPF 50++) which is suitable for Asian women who lives in a tropical country.
4. Has less fragrance preventing skin irritation.
5. Has a built in brush for easy use.

6.  Has a shade that perfectly matches my skin tone.

Sweet Thoughts...

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