Skin Food Haul: Various cosmetics from a single brand (Part 1)

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1. Skin Food Gold Caviar Eye-lifting Serum

This eye serum, I should say, is really effective in moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes. To be honest, I never tried any eye creams before because I use my moisturizer as an over all facial cream~ As in no separate creams for certain facial parts. A small amount is enough to apply for the eyes, but since I am quite young to have saggy and wrinkly eyes, I could not comment so much about its lifting property~ though I can also say that it reflects light making the dark circles  appear less.

2. Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream

BB Cream is something really important in my make up routine as it serves as a foundation and concealer already. The consistency of this BB Cream is a little bit thicker than the other BB Creams that I’ve used before so I have to use a make up base to help blend it easily.

Though I find it very few to make some swatches, I still did it so that you can see how it looks like when blended on skin.

I like the way how it matches my complexion and how it makes it glowing but it somehow clogs my pores which disappointed me alot. I think the reason why it clogs is the thick consistency.

3. Seaweed Waterproof Eyeliner

This eyeliner has a deep black shade with few shimmers to make the eyes look elegant. It is waterproof and can only be removed by an oil (or use moisturizer if you don’t have an eye makeup remover). It’s tip is as soft as a gel liner when you applied but alot easier to use cause I have more control on my hands as if I am just drawing.

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