Luview Glossy Kiss Lipgloss


This mini dual lipgloss is really „small but terrible“ when it comes to making the lips luscious.

Net Wt: 3g x 2

Shades: Rosy pink, sweet pink

A Short description about the product:

It looks very classic and feminine.
Has a good packaging and really attractive to the eyes of consumers.
Has a built in tips for easy application.
Has a fruity/floral scent.
Has a good consistency~ not too thick, not too thin.

This lipgloss is perfect for daily look and is worth the money you’ll spend. It has fine shimmers and lovely shades that make the lips sexy and elegant.

My comparison between the two shades

– the rosy pink is like a tinted lipgloss and stays longer than the sweet pink. The shimmer looks really good.

– The sweet pink shade looks milky and needs to be applied repeatedly to maintain the color. It has very few shimmer. Does not last long unlike the rosy pink.

– In my own preference, I love the rosy pink more than the sweet pink since it’s like I already applied a lipstick and only thin application is needed to achieve the rosy red lips I want.

Rating: 4.8/5 since the sweet pink shade is not that long lasting and is not available yet in some countries (but can be purchased online. Please visit for more info)

Sweet Thoughts...

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