Step By Step Make Up Application: Powder

After foundation and concealer are blended on evenly with no edges on anywhere on the face, you can apply pressed or loose powder. Some prefer using loose powder as it does not contain waxes and feels lighter. On the other hand, pressed powder is preferred by most consumers as it is easy to use and not messy.

Rule of Thumb: Whichever you choose, be sure to apply it only with a full brush~ never a sponge or a puff. Never build up too much powder and always shake off the excess before applying to the face.
Too much powder can make the skin appear chalky so be careful not to overpowder. For most part, you can only get away with powdering 2 to 3 times a day before the face starts to look thick and heavy.

* Credits to Miss Paula Begoun’s Book Don’t Go to The Cosmetics Counter without me Second Edition.

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One thought on “Step By Step Make Up Application: Powder

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