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Rum is something that most people used to drink at social occasions. But did you know that aside from that, it can also be beneficial to the skin? YES~ Like the red wine, rum is also formed through fermentation. While the red wine is made from grapes, rum is from sugar cane. We know that sugarcane is very rich in glycolic acid that helps soften and smoothen the skin’s surface.


So here’s what I’m doing for my daily routine:


After washing my face, I use it as a facial toner. Since it also has an alcohol content, I can say that it can also disinfect the skin at the same time. I just use it like an ordinary toner but take note, I don’t use cotton balls; I just spray it on my skin and allow it to be absorbed. After 10 to 15 minutes, the next thing I apply is the moisturizer. Nothing to special with this routine but the effects are really visible as it helps reduce dark spots and breakouts plus it brightens the skin tone. You can try this too~