Luview Real Shiny Eyes Review


Back-to-back photo of Luview Real Shiny eyes:

From Korea Cosmetics, I received this gift last month together with other Luview Cosmetics. I’d been longing to have this one ever since and to honestly tell you, I had an idea of buying one but luckily, I had it for free!~

The Packaging:

It looks really elegant, unique  and so nice. For me, if I would see this on stores, it would really capture my attention and buy it immediately.  It also has a mirror so you don’t need to use a separate one when applying colors to the eyes.

For a closer look of the kit. ^_^

By the way, it has a built in sponge applicator that you can use to neatly apply the colors. But for me, I prefer using brushes for easy blending ^_^


It has four different colors in one kit: rose, light pink, beige, brown. The color combinations are really good and will surely make a good blending when used together. They are shimmery, subtle, and very pigmented. The light pink shade is best at highlighting the eyes.

About the texture

The talc of this eyeshadow is so fine and soft making the application smooth and easy to blend. It is long lasting and doesn’t easily cake. It would cake if your eyes are oily but primer could solve this problem anyway.

In this photo, I used the 3 eyeshadows except for the beige. This was taken after I made my latest make up tutorial featuring Luview Cosmetics.

My final say about it:

– It is very nice and wearable everyday even if it is shimmery.

– I really love the texture and the color combination of the eyeshadows. For me, this really answered my hopes and wishes of having great eye make up.

– looks really sweet and perfect for natural looks.

– not available in some countries but can be bought online.

Ratings:  5/5~ There’s nothing more I can say about this product. This is really good for me and If it happens that you have this in your country being sold, try it!~ and you’ll see what I mean ^_^