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How to use: Apply before the bb cream.

** This is only a sample sachet so I could not give you the information about the ingredients‘ list.

I’ve used this twice and this is my comment:

– Since this is a primer, I think a few usage is enough for me to observe how it affects my skin. This primer really lived its promise. I was really amazed by this product because aside from helping the bb cream last longer, It also controlled my sebum thus, giving me a smooth finish make up!

– The consistency is quite thick compared to other primers that I’ve tried.

– It is in a form of frosted white cream. As i applied it on my face, I notice a purplish shimmer. Something that looks like a highlighiting beam.

– it smells like a lotion.

– One sachet is good for many usage maybe about 5 to 7 because I’ve used this twice but there are many left inside the pack.

– So far, it did not irritate my skin nor clogged my pores.

– not available in our country but can be purchased online.