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For some ladies, their eyes seem to be an asset on face. I can say that these are the most expressive parts where in emotions are felt when you looked at them. Lashes also play an important part in making the eyes even more dramatic and expressive. Through a lengthy lashes, a woman’s eyes become more attractive but not all people are gifted with long lashes so products are made to enhance them. There are false lashes and different types of mascara. One of those beautiful mascaras is the Relian Mascara.

The Relian Mascara Fiber

The Relian Mascara Transpplanting Gel

I came to know Relian Mascara while I was browsing at different fan pages and something new caught my attention. This mascara has something to offer us. Hmmmm… Excited to know?? Let’s see it here on my review
It has a very elegant case that has an instruction on how to properly use it at the back (it is in Chinese so lucky you if you can read Chinese!~) I’ve never seen a mascara such elegant as this that can be given as a gift!!~

How to use:
1. Apply first the transplanting gel from the roots of the lashes to tips.
2. Apply the fiber from root to tip before the transplanting gel dries.
3. Continue to apply it on the 3/4 part of the lashes.
4. Apply the transplanting gel again. Before the gel dries completely, apply it again on the near-tip part of the lashes to have an extended effect. Allow it to dry.

As for me, this lived up its claim to lengthen the lashes by 300% though this may be different to any other mascara because it has fiber and transplanting gel.

The first time I used it, I can already say that this is the perfect mascara that I’ve tried as it does not smudge on my oily lids- that is why I’m so impressed. To be honest, I consulted my friend on how to properly use it because it has two inseparable products (you can’t apply just the gel or the fiber. You have to use them both!!!~) Just by using this, I am sure that there is no need to use false lashes anymore as it will already look like you have one!

As you can see on my photos, my lashes really transformed!~

*** Sorry for my eyes because it is too close and i got dazzled by the flash so it is slightly droopy

left side eye without mascara

right side with mascara

For me, this is really perfect for any occasion because it is simply elegant.

Rating: 4.8/5 I can say that this is almost perfect except for the fact that this is not available in most countries and can only be purchased online. For inquiries, please visit

Recommendations: This looks very dramatic on my eyes. If you want to keep your look simple, just use this mascara without eyeshadow, or you can use just highlighter to add some glow. If you are going to use this on events, I can say that this is perfect as it also stays longer and waterproof. By the way, you can easily remove it with water if you really intend to do so but if not, it will just stay there.