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got it from Watson’s Beauty Store for Php 89 and this product has many functions for me.

First: As a mascara- I apply this BEFORE curling my lashes so as to make it more effective. Because I apply it AFTER curling, it would just wet the lashes and bring back the natural appearance. So, what I do is to apply it first, then allow it to dry until it is ready for curling.

Second: As A corrector- Whenever I use mascara with volumizing effect, it tends to smudge on my skin so after applying this, I put Nichido clear mascara and allow it to dry then re-curl it.

Third: For setting the eyebrows- When I want a natural eyebrows, what I do is just apply an eyebrow color using a pencil then set it with this clear mascara so that it will look more defined and clean. Just be sure that you will remove the excess before using so that your brows won’t be that wet.