Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser Review

I was then rushing to ride the LRT when a lady gave this sample to me. She maybe working with Eskinol that’s why she was giving sample products together with the other lady. At first, I was thinking if I should use it because way back 5 years, I used a toner from eskinol too but with different label and I didn’t like it at all so I was a little bit doubtful that time. When I go home, I read the leaflet included in this sample. It says that it is superb in removing the dirt in the face which causes pimples. There you go, I tried it~ out of my curiosity and despair to have a smooth and clear skin.

traces of dirt after I wash my face

Upon using this, I had proven myself that it really removes the dirt and the traces of makeup and excess oil on my face. It also felt cool and refreshing. It also dried out my active pimple in just few days of use but there’s a tingling sensation on that part. Another thing that I notice is the drying effect not only to the pimples but also to the other areas of the skin so I really need to put moisturizer to counteract this. It is also able to peel my skin after more than a week of use. For me, that peeling is good because the dead cells are finally removed revealing a radiant skin but I need use sunblock after my moisturizer to avoid the unnecessary sunburn or reddening of the face. Rating: 3.5/5 I like it for its cleaning property but I think you should also watch out your skin because it may turn dry.

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47 thoughts on “Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser Review

  1. sa totoo lng based on my experience, nhhrapn nako i-pin point kng anu tlga dhilan ng break outs or pimples ko nun una sa right side chin area ngaun sa left side nmn.,…mtpos gumaling at mgclear ung sa right sa kbla nmn… gs2 ko ng mgmura tlga sa inis… never sa buong buhay ko ngkpimples ako lately lng 2 yrs ago when it started. HORMONAL SA TINGIN KO at my age of 28 yrs. hormonal p nga…. bwisit. or bka mei something inside my body like sa Chinese belief na ang pimples dw mei different causes yan depende kng san part tumtubo. Kea ngaun im taking YOGI SKIN DETOX TEA, bka mkatulong kht panu.. nkkdepress na kc andame ko n nggmit though mga affordable lng nmn bnbli ko.. Yoko kc mgsettle sa mhal pro hnd rin effective. Ung boyfriend ko to the point na pinpintasan nko dhl sa pimples ko…. Nkkadown tuloy… Suko n tlga ako…. hahaha


  2. I use eskinol classic with dalacin c its very effective try to use this and continue with ponds cream for darks spot :) I hope u try dis because my face is clear right now :)


  3. Hi po gusto ko lng po malamn kung anong ages po ang pwede gmamit nang Eskinol ksi po i’m 12 years old mag 13 y.o ako ngaung july.pwede na po ba ako gmamit nyan ?
    please Help nmn po ..tnx po :)


    • Hi Eleanor!

      There’s no specific age required before you can use it. But as a teenager, it is best to use mild products. If your skin does breakout then you may not use it.


    • Hi eleanor I’m also teenager but 16 na ko turning 17 this year .
      If you have pimples try mo yung ponds clear solution . facial wash yun and if lalong naglabasan yung pimples mo after ilang days normal lang yun it means umeepekto yung product . i continue mo lang hanggang sa masanay na yung face mo . Sana makatulong sayo to :)


  4. Hi, I would to ask. When using this product, do you need to keep away from sunlight? Because as I have research, Eskinol contains alcohol and as we know, alcohol shouldn’t be exposed with sunlight because it might irritate your skin and can cause sun burns, literally, burn.


  5. helLow po :) nwla napu ung Pimples ko .. un padin pu gngmit ko :) ang problema ku nlang pu tlga pimple mark .. makinis napu ung faCe ko pimple mark lang pu tlga anu pu b pdi pangtanggal dun malbn sa eskin0l ??
    Salamat p:)


    • You can use whitening creams such as olay natural white instant fairness cream.. that’s what I use and it’s really good. also, continue to use eskinol- it helps lightening the skin complexion.


    • Hi Lorinel,

      Toners can only clean the pores and minimize its appearance but it canno totally close it. There’s actually no product that could close pores, only to minimize.


  6. hi!!!
    effective po ba to???
    na iirita po kasi ako sa mga pimples ko
    ginagamet ko naman po ang eskinol pimple fighting facial deep cleanser
    manga 1 week ko na rin po ginagamit i’m worried na po eh..
    lapit naman na po ang pasukan jan. 6 ,2014
    ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin??


  7. Hi po. :) tanung po. Uhm, is it normal na nagsisilabasan mga pimples ko while using eskinol during monthly period? Ive used this product for 1 day only, but I saw 1 pimple sprout? Is it a sign for me to stop using this product, or is it just because of my pimple? Thanks :)


    • during monthly period it is normal that your skin will breakout; it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is due to the products that you use. however you have to observe it for a little bit more of days. if it still breaks out even after your period, then you may stop using it.


  8. hi ! :) gumagamit na po ako nga product naun .. kaso lang pu bkt pu kpag my new pimple ako tas naglalagay ako nun parang feeling ko po namamaga ? natural pu b un ?
    Tska ilang araw pu b mawawala ung pimple mark by using the product ? pls. help me po. tnx


    • Hi Jasmin!

      You said namamaga? hindi ba sya yung feeling na tingling sensation? Tingling sensation is normal but if it gets more inflammed then you may discontinue using it… baka hindi mo hiyang.


  9. Hi, I just wanna ask, pagkatapos mo ba gumamit ng eskinol gagamit ka rin ba ng moisturizer? kapg nagdry yung skin mo? hndi pa po kc ako gumagamit ng eskinol i just wanna now first before i use it. thanks


    • Hi Nicko!

      I use different facial cream depending on my preference but as for now, I use Divinia Rice Whitening Emulsion and Iwhite facial cream for my skin care. During daytime, I use BB cream from Etude House.


  10. aa un pala, siguro sa oily foods ako at late sleep..

    ano po ba tamang oras ng pag lagay ng eskinol?

    nag simula na po ako maglagay effective naman po sa pimples, hindi na lumaki at naglaho na rin..

    pimple marks nalang yung nasa muka ko e..


    • You can use it day and night. It’s good to hear that your blemishes are recovering now. just stick to it. don’t change products unless necessary.


    • Hello Secret muna,

      Commonly, foods that can cause breakouts are fatty/oily foods, junk foods, too much sweets. To make pimples heal faster, eat more veggies, fruits, and drink lots of water and avoid sleeping late. I hope this would help you. By the way, about my facebook, you may want to visit my fanpage: Thanks!


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  11. HI, I’m actually using this product for the first time. You told me this dry the skin as well. Any suggestions on how you can counter act this problem? What moisturizer are you using? Thanks for the help.


    • Hi Anne!

      Yes this toner helps reduce the pimples but I also have to tell you that if you have a serious skin problem, please visit your dermatologist to know the precise and accurate treatment that you need.


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